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A note to viewers of Nightly Business Report:

PBS stations, including LPB, were notified in November that CNBC, the producers of Nightly Business Report since 2013, made the decision to cease production of the program at the end of 2019. The decision to end production of the Nightly Business Report was not anticipated. We hope that you will enjoy watching BBC World News America, now airing at 5:30PM Monday – Friday.

For more on BBC World News - Outside Source, click here.

Louisiana Public Square - 2020

Vaping in Louisiana | Encore May 2020 | Louisiana Public Square

Pulse of a Pandemic | April 2020 | Louisiana Public Square

In just a matter of months, a microscopic virus has wreaked havoc around the globe and here in Louisiana. The outbreak has caused deaths and illness while leaving stress and uncertainty in its wake. Louisiana Public Square helps to bring clarity and calm in an hourlong special edition answering questions about the status of the epidemic in the state, financial assistance for those in need and economic concerns moving forward. Join Governor John Bel Edwards, members of Louisiana’s Congressional delegation, and other experts.

Hacked! | February 2020 | Louisiana Public Square

In July, four Louisiana public school districts were hit by computer hackers infecting networks with ransomware. In November, multiple state websites were cyberattacked, triggering a shutdown of servers and a disruption of some services. Just weeks later, the New Orleans’ mayor declared a state of emergency following a breach of the city’s entire computer network by ransomware software. So, how vulnerable are Louisiana’s computer systems to hacking? How can the state and its residents protect personal information from being compromised? And will conflicts with Iran lead to more aggressive cyberattacks against U.S. entities? Louisiana Public Square looks for answers to these questions and more on “Hacked!”

Vaping in Louisiana | January 2020 | Louisiana Public Square



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