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A dynamic, immersive, multi-media stage show from Louisiana singer-songwriter, poet, cultural activist, and environmentalist Zachary Richard is now a tour-de-force television special from Louisiana Public Broadcasting. 

At the dawn of the 21st century, there are still pockets of traditional folkways in Louisiana's bayous where alligator grease relieves asthma, a buried potato cures warts, and "smoking a baby" eases the pain of colic. This documentary by Glen Pitre and Nicole Falgoust takes viewers to a world where faith healing, herbal remedies and ritual magic are still an everyday occurrence. It follows respected traiteurs (in English, "treaters") as they gather wild teas, brew home-made cough syrup, invoke the saints at their home altars, and most of all, heal the sick. 

The Atchafalaya is a mysterious land, as much underwater as above. Its lush environment is home to alligators, egrets, black bears – and for a time two people who yearned for a simple, natural life. Atchafalaya Houseboat shares the experiences of Gwen Roland and her companion Calvin Voisin, who left civilization in the turmoil of the early 1970s for the unspoiled beauty of the nation’s largest river swamp, Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin.

Louisiana Public Broadcasting and Governor and Mrs. Edwards invite you to a special Christmas party at the Mansion. The celebration features the artistry of Zachary Richard, featuring the Myrtle Place French Immersion Children's Choir. Richard performed many of his Louisiana-oriented compositions, including his own Christmas song, composed just last year. He was accompanied on piano and accordion by musician David Torkanowsky. The children's choir, accompanied by Richard, performed a number of traditional Christmas songs in French. This performance was recorded live at the Louisiana Governor's Mansion during the holiday season.