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Friends of Louisiana Public Broadcasting, a nonprofit corporation operating to support the Louisiana Educational Television Authority, is organized to further the educational and cultural enrichment of all citizens and to assist in making the benefits of educational and public television programming available to all the people of Louisiana. Contact us! Show your appreciation for the quality educational and entertaining programs LPB brings you by becoming a supporting member or by renewing your membership. All the donations raised during the campaigns go to pay for the programming which airs throughout the year on the LPB network.

We appreciate every donation, and to say thank you, after selecting your donation amount, we would like offer you a gift from your friends at LPB. Check out all of our fantastic thank you offers in our online pledge area. Go to friends.lpb.org or just click the "Donate Now" button in the navigation bar above! Questions? See our Gift FAQs here!

We accept all major credits cards on our secure donation forms. If you need to call in your donation: 888-769-5000. If you'd rather be billed, please call 1-800-272-8161, ext. 4214 or 225-767-4214, in the Baton Rouge area.

If you are an employee of one of our matching gift companies, your gift can be worth twice as much!



Bo Harris
Shreveport, Chair

Cathy Seymour
Natchitoches, Vice Chair

Newt Dorsett
Shreveport, Secretary

Therese Nagem
Monroe, Treasurer

Bob Emmert
Baton Rouge, Nominating Chair


Cheri Ausberry
Baton Rouge

Emily Babineaux

Ayres Bradford
Baton Rouge

Matt Dardenne
Baton Rouge

Tonia Henderson
Baton Rouge

Seth Irby
Baton Rouge

Jay Johnson
Baton Rouge

Philip Jordan
Baton Rouge

April Kirwan
Baton Rouge

Ann Knapp
Lake Charles

Jennifer Maggio

Justin Marocco
Baton Rouge

Sondra Mott-Long
Baton Rouge

Jim McCrery

Adrienne Moore
Baton Rouge

Dr. Peggy Murphy

Jimmy Oustalet

Denage Piper
Baton Rouge

Jodi Penn Rives

Walter Rudd
Baton Rouge

Carol Shadoin
Baton Rouge

Howard White
Baton Rouge

Lela Mae Wilkes
Baton Rouge

Ann Wilkinson
Port Allen


Terri Crockett

Executive Director

Charlene Moll

Director of Member Services and Business Manager

Kate Bradshaw

Member Services Coordinator

Caitlyn Thompson

Digital Member Services Coordinator