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At LPB, we care about the health and wellness of all children. Our new series, One to Grow On, features short tips for parents, expecting parents, grandparents and caregivers on raising healthy children!

According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2020 Kids Count report, Louisiana ranks 48th in the health of its children. Contributing to the low ranking are the percentages of low birth-weight babies, accidental deaths and obese children which exceed the national average. Louisiana also has among the highest deathrates for pregnant women in the U.S.

To accompany this new LPB initiative on children’s health, we convened an Advisory Panel of pediatricians, child psychologists and other childcare experts to select the most critical issues affecting Louisiana children and we asked them to share their professional, research-based advice to create the minute-long tips for LPB’s One to Grow On.

These tips address prenatal health, mental wellness, safety issues, healthy eating and more important topics to help parents and caregivers raise happy and healthy children. Along with each tip, we also include credible resources so that you can learn more to raise happy and healthy children!


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