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Director & Producer
Tika Laudun

Writer & Narrator
Roger Emile Stouff

Producer & Writer
C. E. Richard

Photographer & Editor
Rex Q. Fortenberry

Historical Advisors
Hiram “Pete” Gregory
Dayna Bowker Lee

Music Composition & Performance
Mike Esneault
Hawk Henries

AfterEffects & Graphics
Mark Carroll
Liz Jurey
Mary Simpson

Production Assistants
Michele Dore
Marian Lefebvre
Eric Ryan

Bob Neese
Bryant Langlois
Margaret Schlaudecker

Web Team
Jeanne Lamy
John Tooraen

Production Engineering Supervisor
Chris Miranda

LPB Production Manager
Ken Miller

LPB Executive Producer
Clay Fourrier

LPB Director of Programming
Jason Viso

FELPB Director
William Arceneaux

LPB President and CEO
Beth Courtney

Narration recorded at
KRVS Studio
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Karl Fontenot, Engineer

Special Thanks
Shane Bernard
Raymond Berthelot
Leroy M. Burgess
Newton Sonny Carter
Susan A. Davis
Joan M. Exnicios
Nancy Mayberry
Albert E. Theberge, Jr.
Khloe Walden
Kurt Walden
Mary Linn Wernet

Chitimacha Child Development Center
Kathleen Flanagan

Chitimacha Museum
Tahra Demarco
Anna Taylor

Chitimacha Tribal Center
Rebecca Anderson
Telah Caro
Joshua Mora
Sarah Parro
Jessica Rogers

Chitimacha Tribal School
Buggie Bailey
Jenna Fontenot
Tanya Rosemond
Rachel Vilcan

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Father Bill Crumley

Louisiana State University Agricultural Center
Aquaculture Research Station
Robert Romaire

Rivercane Assisted Living Center
Heloise Lange
Lillian Le Blanc
Elda Talley

Main Street Café
Chuck Autin
Didi Battle
Gary Marti
Jenny Marti
Rodger Robinson
Theresa Warren\

St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office
Deputy Bart Lang
Sheriff David Naquin

St. Mary and Franklin Banner-Tribune
Allan and Debbie Von Werder

Archival Film and Prints
Cammie G. Henry Research Center
Watson Library
Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Cartographic Research Lab
Department of Geography
University of Alabama

Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

Louisiana Office of State Parks

Louisiana State Oil and Gas Museum
Oil City, Louisiana

Mural Artist - Jan Borel

National Anthropological Archives
Smithsonian Institution

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
NOAA Central Library

The E. A. McIlhenny Collection
Avery Island, LA

The Historic New Orleans Collection
Williams Research Center

The National Museum of the American Indian
Smithsonian Institution
Photographs by Mark Harrington

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
New Orleans District

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration