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Program Technical Specifications

Physical Media:

HDCAM videotape format

XDCAM 422 50 Mb/s Disks: File must meet Sony XDCAM file specifications including File Container: MXF OP1a



-29.97 fps


-MPEG-2 Long GOP @ 50 Mbps



4 channels

24 Bit

48 KHz sampling rate

1152 kbps Bitrate

Digital Media:

XDCAM 422 50Mb/s


File must meet DNx145 file specifications including File Container: MXF OP1a

220 or 220x OP1a file



29.97 fps


DNxHD @ 145 Mbps


8 channels

24 Bit

48 KHz sampling rate

1152 kbps Bitrate (shown in file metadata)

HD (High Definition) image format must be 1920 X 1080 pixels and compliant with SMPTE ST 274-2008, 4:2:2 with 8 or 10 bit sampling and compliant with SMPTE ST 274-2008 standard. These image specifications should be preserved as much as possible throughout the production process. The aspect ratio of all HD programming must be 16:9. The field rate for high definition (1080i) format is 59.94 fields per second (60 multiplied by 1000/1001).

The current frame rate for LPB high definition (1080i) format is 29.97 frames per second interlaced. Content submitted as 29.97 frame segmented (30 multiplied by 1000/1001) should be checked for temporal artifacts such as anomalies that might be present in horizontal crawls or vertical credit rolls when displayed at 1080i prior to submission.

All 1080i tapes and files submitted to LPB must be created with field 1 (also referred to as top or odd) being dominant (first). There can be no changes in field dominance within any submitted media.

SD (Standard Definition) Upconverted submissions are defined as those programs created in standard definition and then upconverted to high definition before submission. In some instances, LPB can assist with upconversion.

Audio tracks should be limited to four channels, assigned as follows: 1 – Left; 2 – Right; 3 - DVI or Mono Mix, 4 – Alternate Language or Mono Mix

Drop-Frame time-code per SMPTE EG-40:2002 must be present on VITC line 9 of the HANC and LTC on line 10of the HANC of HDCAM submissions.

The program master will be evaluated for technical compliance before submission to verify that it will pass evaluation at LPB.