Louisiana Lens is an initiative established by Louisiana Public Broadcasting in 2018 to support and grow talented Louisiana documentary filmmakers and to share unique Louisiana stories with the world through broadcast and digital media platforms.

We are always looking for new or existing projects that meet our own high standards. LPB has an esteemed history of producing national award-winning, nationally distributed documentary films and cultural programs, but we also like to collaborate!

We are looking for Louisiana-linked completed programs and we evaluate proposals for new programs, short program segments that fit into existing LPB programs, and digital content for the web.

What does it mean to be Louisiana-linked? It means the project must have a significant tie to Louisiana. Either it must prominently feature the voice of a Louisiana filmmaker, or it must be a story that highlights a unique or previously unexamined facet of Louisiana life, or it must have significant appeal or relevance to a savvy Louisiana audience.

All unsolicited proposals must be submitted online as detailed herein. We cannot be responsible for unsolicited tapes or DVDs, which cannot be returned.