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Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse -  102 Tilapia DVD

Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse - 102 Tilapia DVD

Episode 102 - Tilapia - Scott, LA
In this episode, John Folse travels to Scott, in south central Louisiana, and learns about all natural aqua farming of tilapia. Brian Gotreaux and his family raise tilapia without the aid of any chemicals which they say gives their product a fresh, natural taste. Utilizing the farm-raised tilapia, John cooks with EBR Diocese Bishop Robert Muench and makes two tasty dishes. In their first recipe together, John shows the Bishop how to steam tilapia with an Asian flavor. And later, the two make Storm Night Soup; a perfect spring evening dish. And, John recounts his trip to Israel and roasting tilapia on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.


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