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Window in the Waves tells the intriguing story of how these coral reefs were formed and why they are crucial to the global environment.

“It’s really interesting that so many Gulf Coast residents are not aware of these world-class coral reefs. Window in the Waves allows us to learn and care about a miraculous place, that is like no other in the world,” Richard shares.

A Baton Rouge native, Richard has been a frequent visitor to Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary since 2000. Over the course of hundreds of dives, he has gathered stunning high-definition footage of one of natures’ most amazing treasures and the diverse creatures that call it home.


Director of Photography - Todd Richard

Script and Art Direction - Vickie Gunnels Richard

Sound - C. Shannon Fontenot

Editors - Todd Richard, C. Shannon Fontenot

Archival Video & Photo Contributor - Gregory Boland

Gulf Coast Resident and Diver - Penny Hammer

Animation - Sarah Powell

Archival Transfers - Roger Tilley, Louisiana State Archives

Voice of Penny - Sheila Hart

Additional Video & Photo Contributors - John Halas, William Schroeder, Daniel "DJ" Joiner, Jesse Cancelmo, Dr. Thomas Bright, Russ Wilkins, Dr. Sylvia Earle

Production Assistance - Captain Bland Ellen, Wendy McCoy Ellen, Jim "JT" Tyler, Daniel "DJ" Joiner, Todd Hasken, Daniella Fontana, Gary Smith, Lauren Hutchison, Mark Spurgeon, Sharon Cain, Captain Ken Bush, Gregory Boland, Dr. Steve Gittings, Gregory Speyrer, Matthew Shipman

Continental Jurassic Map - Ron Blakey, Colorado Plateau Geosystems Inc.

Special Thanks - Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, KUHT Houston PBS, Library of Congress, National Archives, Gulf of Mexico Foundation, Bill Rodman, Christine Garcia, Texas Sea Grant College at Texas A&M, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dr. Steve Gittings, Shelley Du Puy, Dr. Larry McKinney, Dr. Quenton Dokken, Dr. Thomas Bright, Emma Hickerson, George "GP" Schmahl, Dr. Jim Ray, Michelle A. Johnston, Ph.D., William Kiene, Ph.D., Gary Rinn, Phyllis McCarty Alexander

For Louisiana Public Broadcasting

President & CEO - Beth Courtney

Executives in Charge - Clay Fourrier, Jason Viso

Web Team - John Tooraen, Jeanne Lamy

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