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A Tall Order: The Louisiana State Capitol

Such a building could never be built today

LPB explores the story of Huey P. Long’s efforts to erect the tallest capitol building in the United States, right here in Louisiana. From the architects that designed the soaring tower, to the commissioned artists who provided the sculptures, reliefs, and other adornments, see the Louisiana State Capitol in a way that you have likely never seen before.

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A Unique Piece of Louisiana History

Renowned photographer Fonville Winans (1911-1992) captured Louisiana like no other. His beautifully composed photographs reveal the many aspects of Louisiana culture, with an eye for authenticity while also capturing Louisiana’s mystique. This vintage 16” x 20” silver gelatin photograph from 1938 is titled “Huey’s Light,” and captures the stunning architecture of the Capitol building at night. Through a very generous donation to LPB by the Winans family, this historically important artwork is available as a special membership gift in conjunction with the documentary. Valued at $10,000 dollars, if you would like to view in person, please phone Terri Crockett at (225) 767-4464 or email tcrockett@lpb.org to schedule an appointment.

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