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Louisiana: The State We're In

Legislative Update, Mayor of Shreveport, Crowdfunding Churches | 4/19/19 | Louisiana: The State We're In

Legislative Update

The legislature is two weeks into the 2019 session. What are the highlights so far and what’s on the table for the coming weeks? In this wrap of the week’s activities, Andre Moreau talks with Greg Hilburn of USA Network and Barry Erwin of the Council for a Better Louisiana about the biggest news so far from the legislature and more.

Mayor of Shreveport

Adrian Perkins, a Shreveport native, a West Point and Harvard grad was a political novice when he entered the race to be Shreveport’s’ next mayor and won. This week he came to the capital city to talk with legislators about his region and what’s needed for the future. Natasha Williams speaks with him about the needs of north Louisiana and what he hopes to accomplish during his visit with lawmakers.

Crowdfunding Churches

A crowdfunding campaign for the three African American churches gutted by arson is urging people not to forget their plight in the aftermath the fire that ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral. In Louisiana, religion and culture are one. As you pass through cities and towns large and small, you see one predominant theme: large, imposing churches and cathedrals. Andre Moreau talks with Michael Desmond, a professor of architecture at LSU and director of graduate studies at LSU about the history and importance of these structures to the community and culture of Louisiana.

Legislative Session Coverage


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