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French Language Children’s Programming on LPBKIDS

Series Descriptions


Tfo Mintifo

Monday-Friday 3:00pm; Saturday & Sunday 8:00am on LPB Kids (LPB2)

The Mini TFO world, led by hosts Josée, Lexie, Christopher, and formerly Louis, provides children aged 2 to 6 with an interactive experience and sparks in them a passion for learning, all thanks to a fun family setting that encourages them to express their creativity.

Mix Mini TFO = 40 episodes x 7 minutes

Mini TFO = 91 episodes x 7 minutes

Meli Melo Mini TFO = 91 episodes x 7 minutes

Target Audience: Ages 2 to 7



Monday-Friday & Weekends (Various)

Welcome to MINIVERS, a crazy preschool series that draws inspiration from kids' everyday problems. MINIVERS is a comical and charming community that puts children at the center! Each episode is a quest that reflects kids' daily journey and the adventure always begins with one of our animators (Josée, Lexie or Christopher) who welcomes the child as a spectator in his "MINIVERS". At the beginning of each episode he is presented with a situation and a problem to be solved. Through play, ritual, song, mutual aid and help from the kid, they come to a solution.

40 episodes x 7 minutes

Target Audience: Ages 2 to 6

Amélie et Compagnie!


Monday-Friday 3:30pm

Amélie et compagnie! is a sitcom which tells the story of Amelie's adventure as an aspiring veterinarian. She fights body and soul for all causes dear to her heart. However, and despite her good intentions, she often gets in trouble and mixed-up in extraordinary situations but fortunately she always gets through it thank to her friends.

22 episodes x 24 minutes

Target Audience: Ages 6 to 9



Saturday & Sunday 2:00pm

The wild universe of MaXi propels us into the incredible adventures of Mara and Xilo, part-time conjoined twins living in a remarkable world where music, the environment, and gaming intertwine.

26 episodes x 11 minutes

Target Audience: Ages 6 to 12

PBS Kids Programming in French!

Le Village De Dany

Le Village de Dany (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood)

Monday-Friday 4:00pm; Saturday & Sunday 8:30am on LPB Kids (LPB2)

Season 1

80 episodes x 11 minutes


Peg + Chat (Peg + Cat)

Monday-Friday 4:30pm; Saturday & Sunday 8:30am on LPB Kids (LPB2)

Season 1

80 episodes x 11 minutes

Lorenzo Et Lili


Follow the adventures of Lorenzo, a friendly monster who protects a neighborhood library from demolition planned by an ambitious real estate developer. Lorenzo tries to thwart his plans with the help of his friends Lili and Mt. Pigeon. They must show ingenuity, courage, imagination, goodwill, and thanks to their collaboration, together they can solve many problems… especially with a touch of magic!

40 episodes x 7 minutes

Target Audience: Ages 4 to 8