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Lindy Boggs: Steel and Velvet

Lindy Boggs: Steel and Velvet

Independent producer Bess Carrick has joined forces with Louisiana Public Broadcasting in the production of a documentary about former Congresswoman and Ambassador to the Vatican, Corinne "Lindy" Boggs.

Lindy Boggs was elected as a Democrat to the Ninety-third Congress, by special election, to fill the vacancy left by the presumed death of her husband, Rep. Thomas Hale Boggs, Sr., whose small plane disappeared over the mountains of Alaska in 1972.

Mrs. Boggs was reelected to the eight succeeding terms in Congress. She served from March 20, 1973-January 3, 1991, when she retired to be with her ailing daughter, Barbara Boggs Sigmund, Mayor of Princeton, NJ. Mrs. Boggs was appointed Ambassador to the Vatican by President Bill Clinton in 1997, and she served that diplomatic post until 2001.

Her life and career are the subject of this documentary called Lindy Boggs: Steel and Velvet.


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