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We’re looking for
Young Heroes

Everyday high school students doing 
exceptional good in their communities

Applications will be accepted through
Monday, March 16, 2020.

To learn more about Young Heroes or to
submit an application, visit


Louisiana Public Broadcasting is proud to announce the 25th anniversary of the Louisiana Young Heroes program and the statewide call for nominations of students as Louisiana Young Heroes in 2020. A Young Hero is defined as an exceptional young person who has excelled in academics, given significantly of themselves through public service, overcome adversity, exhibited extraordinary heroism, or inspired others through their deeds and strength of character.

Nominees must be Louisiana students in grades 9-12, enrolled in an academic institution or homeschool program, and cannot be older than 18 years of age. Nominations and supporting materials are submitted through the online form. Previous winners are not eligible. The deadline for entries is Monday, March 16, 2020.

The 2020 Louisiana Young Heroes will be announced on LPB’s weekly news and public affairs program Louisiana: The State We’re In, on the Louisiana Young Heroes Facebook page, and at lpb.org/heroes. Louisiana Young Heroes Day will be in April of 2020, when the Young Heroes will be treated to a day of activities including breakfast at LPB’s studios, and a luncheon in their honor where they will receive special awards and recognition.

Application Details

All applications must be completed ONLINE. In order for us to e-mail you a copy of your form and to allow you to upload additional information (newspaper articles or letters of support), this form requires a Google account. You can use your own e-mail account to set up a Google account at https://accounts.google.com.

Please be prepared to answer the following questions in the nomination form:

Nominee Contact Information: Nominee First Name, Nominee Last Name, Nominee Best Phone, Grade Level, School, Is your nominee related to anyone who is employed by or is a board member of Louisiana Public Broadcasting?, If Yes, please indicate name and relationship.

Parent/Guardian Contact Information: Parent/Guardian First Name, Parent/Guardian Last Name, Parent/Guardian Best Phone

Nominator Contact Information: Nominator First Name, Nominator Last Name, Nominator Best Phone, Nominator Best Email, Nominator Best Address, How do you know your nominee?, How did you hear about Young Heroes?

Nominee Information:

About the Nominee - Briefly describe the person you're nominating. What is their personal background? Who are they as a person? What are they passionate about?

Community Involvement & Impact - How has your nominee shown their commitment to bettering their community and the lives of others? How much time and effort have they put into their community? How have they made a positive impact in their community? Please provide specific examples and highlights.

Leadership - Does your nominee collaborate with others and look for new and innovative ways to solve problems? Do peers look up to them? Do they set a positive example for others? Please provide specific examples.

Academic Involvement & Achievements - Is your nominee involved in their school? What clubs, teams or organizations do they belong to? Do they hold leadership positions? Do they set an example for others in the classroom? Please provide specific examples.

Perseverance / Demonstration of Heroism - How has your nominee provided exceptional inspiration to those around them despite experiencing remarkable adversity, roadblocks, unusual challenges, limited resources, or has your nominee shown extraordinary heroism? Please provide specific examples.

Additional Information:

Required: One letter of support from someone other than a family member or guardian (example: from a school principal, teacher, mentor)

Optional: One additional support document (examples: another letter of support or newspaper article).


Gallery of Past Recipients

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