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America's Louisiana Purchase

America's Louisiana Purchase

“You have made a noble bargain for yourselves, and I suppose you will make the most of it.” (French Foreign Minister Talleyrand to U. S. Foreign Minister Robert Livingston following the Louisiana Purchase)

Near the beginning of the 19th century President Thomas Jefferson knew how vital the Mississippi River was to the young American nation. So He sent James Monroe and Robert Livingston to negotiate with Napoleon Bonaparate for the Isle of Orleans and the West Florida Republic. They were not able to obtain West Florida; but to the President's incredulous surprise, his foreign ministers were able to purchase the entire Louisiana Territory. With several strokes of a quill pen, the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 doubled America's size and seemed to some a brilliant maneuver. But, with a $15 million price tag ($23 million when counting interest paid to the Netherlands), this land deal was as controversial as it was promising. With the unprecedented transfer of such a vast expanse of land came exhilarating expansion for some and difficult displacement for others.

Enveloped within America’s vast new boundaries were bold alliances and dramatic divisions. The fate of the republic was at stake. How would the land be utilized? How would it be parceled out? And how would the young government deal with the many conflicts sure to arise between former inhabitants, new settlers and Native Americans? The Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) video program "America's Louisiana Purchase: Noble Bargain, Difficult Journey" explores the environment leading up to the Louisiana Purchase, and the complex conditions it created for America as it struggled to become a burgeoning world power.

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America's Louisiana Purchase

America's Louisiana Purchase Disclaimer


America's Louisiana Purchase Chapter 1


America's Louisiana Purchase Chapter 2

The River Runs Through It (Importance of the Mississippi River)

America's Louisiana Purchase Chapter 3

Napoleon's Surprise (The Sale of New France)

America's Louisiana Purchase Chapter 4

Noble Bargain (Signing of the Louisiana Purchase)

America's Louisiana Purchase Chapter 5

Exploring the Unknown (Lewis and Clark)

America's Louisiana Purchase Chapter 6

A Difficult Beginning (Tensions Between the East and West)

America's Louisiana Purchase Chapter 7

Test of Allegience (Battle of New Orleans)

America's Louisiana Purchase Chapter 8

Indian Conflicts

America's Louisiana Purchase Chapter 9

A Country Divided (Slavery)

America's Louisiana Purchase Chapter 10

Civil War

America's Louisiana Purchase Chapter 11

Go West, Young Country!

America's Louisiana Purchase Chapter 12

Creating an Empire

America's Louisiana Purchase Credits



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1803-1806 • Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery Expedition - Lewis and Bear (Courtesy of Kathy Dickson)

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1862 • Homestead Act of 1862 signed by Abraham Lincoln

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States • Years when each state of the Louisiana Territory came into the union

Louisiana Purchase Splash image (decorative)


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France sells Louisiana Territory to America
(Courtesy of U. S. Capitol Historical Society)

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