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LPB | Edcamp Statewide Partnership

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Empowering Educators Statewide

LSU Early Childhood Edcamp - Now registering! September 21st from 9 AM-12 PM

Edcamp Watson

Edcamp nLA

Edcamp New Orleans

Edcamp Baton Rouge

Edcamp Lafayette

Tenets of the Edcamp Model


Edcamps never charge a fee, and are open to educators of all levels and subjects.

Participant Driven

Edcamps allow participants to collaboratively determine session topics the day of the event.


Edcamps encourage participants to facilitate sessions by sharing experiences; conversations not planned presentations.

Two Feet

Edcamps suggest participants find sessions that meet their needs to maximize learning.

About Edcamp

Edcamps are free to attendees, ensuring that all local educators have access to them. LPB’s goal is to support Edcamps around the state so educators statewide can connect with one another to spark innovation in the classroom. This partnership will help Edcamps in Louisiana bring educators together to transform teaching in learning, especially early childhood educators. LPB recognizes the need for strong peer-to-peer teacher networks and looks forward to bringing the Edcamp model to communities around the state in partnership with all of the Edcamps in Louisiana.

Learn more about the national Edcamp movement: edcamp.org

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