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In an effort to ensure limited disruption to Louisiana students' education due to public school closures, Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education and in collaboration with PBS stations nationwide have announced a plan to provide teachers, parents, caregivers, and students with resources to continue learning at home.

Thanks to our Louisiana Champions for Education

Resources for You

Math Lessons - Grades 6-8, Algebra

Bridging the Gap (include LDOE's Strong Start Document)

Free Wifi Locations at Libraries

Online Resources by Grade and Subject

Apps by Grade/Subject

Lessons, Videos, Printables, Games and More!


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Discovery Learn @ Home Resources (click to expand)

DEN VirtCon - Watch the archive and discover how DEN members are finding practical, creative, and effective ways to maximize digital resources in a virtual setting and explore ways to use Discovery Education to design differentiated learning experiences.

5 Ways Digital Content Can Support Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning Summary Micro Site

Daily DE (virtual activities for parents and students – totally free and no login required)

DEN Community Events Calendar

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Quick Tips / How-Tos

Tips for Distance Learning

Parents, Students, & Caregivers

Especially for Educators

Louisiana Digital Media Archive - Educational video from State Archives & LPB

Pbs Virtual Professional Learning Series

Virtual Professional Learning Series | PBS LearningMedia

PBS Teachers Lounge

Latest blog posts, content, tools & more from PBS Education!

History DVD Set

Louisiana: A History (Episodes 1-6) - Grades 6-8

Enviro Tacklebox

Middle School Environmental Science - Guides: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Transforming K-12 education

Parents / Caregivers Resources for Ages 2-8

Ready to Learn Family Resources

Fun activities for families to play and learn together

PBS KIDS Learning Goals

PBS KIDS Learning Goals for all PBS KIDS programs.