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Ziggy's Arts Adventure | The Characters | Ziggy
Name: Ziggy
Birthplace: A Planet Far Away
Favorite Art: He hasn't decided!
Musical Inspiration: The Gold Disk on the Voyager 1, The Junkyard Band
Favorite Food: Moonpies
Fun Fact: He built his own rocketship to come to Earth

Ziggy is a bright, curious, and kind 9 year old space alien. After the Voyager I crash landed on Ziggy's planet he came to earth in search of more Rock 'n Roll! Due to their ability to communicate emotions telepathically, Ziggy's planet had never developed the arts. Ziggy's emoticle didn't work like everyone else's, so when he heard music for the first time Ziggy knew he wanted to visit earth. Ziggy loves exploring all the ways humans express themselves.

Ziggy's Arts Adventure | The Characters | River
Name: River Young
Birthplace: Savannah, Georgia
Instrument: Lead Guitar
Favorite Art: Graphic Art
Musical Inspiration: Tom Petty, Duane Alleman, Bruce Springsteen
Favorite Music Genre: Rock
Favorite Food: Shrimp and Grits
Fun Fact: He actually owns the Junkyard

River is big hearted and enthusiastic. He's a worrier, but all he really wants is for everyone to get along and be happy. River owns the junkyard and runs it with his friends and bandmates. River grew up in Savannah, Ga. He fell in love with rock music as a kid and learned to play guitar. For most of his life, River really just wanted to be in a band.

Ziggy's Arts Adventure | The Characters | Jack
Name: Jack Ginsburg
Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Instrument: Rhythm Guitar
Favorite Art: Sculpture
Musical Inspiration: Bob Dylan, Buffalo Springfield, Joni Mitchell
Favorite Music Genre: Folk Rock
Favorite Food: Tater Tot Hot Dish
Fun Fact: Jack built his first guitar

Jack may seem a little spacey, but Jack has a lot of stuff on his mind. He is zen master meets mad scientist, and River's right hand man. Jack is a tinkerer and inventor. He grew up in Minneapolis, where he would stay inside during the long winter months learning to take things apart and put them back together. Jack discovered folk music on the radio, and built himself a guitar.

Ziggy's Arts Adventure | The Characters | Cynthia
Name: Cynthia Batiste
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana
Instrument: Saxophone
Favorite Art: Cooking
Musical Inspiration: Irma Thomas, Professor Longhair, Miles Davis
Favorite Music Genre: Jazz
Favorite Food: Seafoof Gumbo
Fun Fact: She has marched in 187 parades

Cynthia brings a little light into the room with her. She is positive and full of affirmation. While she can be a bit of a perfectionist, her goal is always to get there together. Cynthia is good with numbers and helps River keep the junkyard books. She was born in the 7th Ward of New Orleans into a professional musical family. Cynthia learned a lot about how hard work, perseverance, and practice is what makes good musicians great. She plays saxophone.

Ziggy's Arts Adventure | The Characters | Nic
Name: Nicholas Fitzgerald
Birthplace: Essex, England
Instrument: Keyboard and Piano
Favorite Art: Yes, please, all of it!
Musical Inspiration: David Bowie, T-Rex, Beatles
Favorite Music Genre: British Invasion and Glam Rock
Favorite Food: Sushi
Fun Fact: He has 1,264 scarves and counting!

Nic is excitable, dramatic, and someone who dresses for emphasis! He grew up in Essex, England, where he dreamed of moving to America and becoming a rockstar. He played piano to earn the money to emigrate. Upon landing in Los Angeles, Nic discovered that he may have been the wildest dressed person in Essex, but in LA he was just another person shooting for the stars.

Ziggy's Arts Adventure | The Characters | Pat
Name: Patricia Riotowska
Birthplace: Union City, New Jersey
Instrument: Bass
Favorite Art: Literature
Musical Inspiration: Joan Jett, Patti Smith, Joe Strummer
Favorite Music Genre: Punk
Favorite Food: Pizza
Fun Fact: She holds the crowd surfing record at CBGB

Pat is a punk rocker. She's loyal and fiercely protective of the band. Pat loves reading. She may seem a little rough around the edges, but she really just wants what's best for her friends. Pat grew up in Union City, New Jersey, but tells everyone she's from New York. As a kid, Pat was a reader. She discovered punk and found a community and a way to not be bullied.

Ziggy's Arts Adventure | The Characters | Al
Name: Al Jackson III
Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee
Instrument: Drums
Favorite Art: Music
Musical Inspiration: Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, James Brown
Favorite Music Genre: Soul, R&B
Favorite Food: Memphis BBQ
Fun Fact: He started as a street musician

Action Al is a man of action! He is connected and passionate about his community, and stays active with non-profits. Al is cool as a cucumber, and won't use 7 words if 4 will do. He grew up in Memphis to a lawyer father and a pastor grandfather. Music was not considered a worthwhile profession, but Al learned to play drums in the church band and never looked back.