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The educational puppet series for grades K-5 teaches young learners fundamental artistic and academic concepts through the magic of storytelling, puppets, and Louisiana culture.

Draw Ziggy! | Ziggy's Arts Adventure


So far Ziggy and his friends have helped us explore all kinds of artistic concepts, like composition, contrast, rhythm, and space. Now it’s time to show us what you’ve learned!

LPB wants fans to share pictures of their Ziggy creations! Put on your thinking caps and let your creativity take over! You can draw Ziggy using crayons, pens, pencils, paint, or markers. You can even create your own Ziggy puppet. Let your imagination run wild! Share a photo of your creation with LPB and email it to ziggy@lpb.org . Don’t forget to include your first name, your age, and the city where you live. We’ll share your creations on the Ziggy webpage at www.lpb.org/ziggy.

All the creations submitted will be entered into a drawing for fun Ziggy swag courtesy of Friends of LPB! *

*One winner will be drawn randomly. Winner will be contacted by return email.

Want to learn more about the creation of Ziggy? Watch Art Rocks! The Series Episode Here! to meet Ziggy creator and puppeteer Clay Achee.

Ziggy’s Arts Adventure is an educational puppet series for grades K-5 that teaches young learners fundamental artistic and academic concepts through the magic of storytelling. Ziggy, a 9-year-old alien, is from a planet that does not need the arts because everyone communicates telepathically through “emoticles.” However, Ziggy’s emoticle does not work, making him different from his peers. When the Voyager I lands on his planet and Ziggy hears music for the first time, he discovers new ways of expressing emotion. Determined to learn more about art and music, he builds a rocket ship to Earth and lands in a Louisiana junkyard, where he meets a group of friendly musicians. Together, this unlikely band of friends meet Louisiana artists, learning about art, math, science, and friendship along the way.


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