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LPB Celebrates “The Helpers”

Do you know someone who is making a difference during the COVID-19 health crisis? In honor of PBS icon Fred Rogers, Louisiana Public Broadcasting is recognizing the ways Louisianans are making a difference - in big and small ways - with the new digital series, “The Helpers.”

Mister Rogers always encouraged young people to “look for the helpers,” in uncertain times, and these comforting words have inspired this new LPB project.

Here’s how you can help! If you or someone you know is helping others right now, share that story with LPB.

You can do this is a variety of ways. You can submit information on what the helper is doing. You can take photos or video clips of their efforts and send it in. You can also make a short video of the helper. Film a one-minute or less horizontal video interview with them about what they are doing and what inspired them to do it. Be sure to include contact information about your nominated helper!

Tell us how you or someone you know is helping the community during this crisis and our team will get back to you regarding how to produce a short video for us to share. This video may be used on any of our four statewide broadcast channels or online social media pages.


Your "helper story" might be chosen for follow-up by LPB producers so be sure to include contact information about your nominated helper!

Submission Details

Please be prepared to answer the following questions in the form:

  • Your Contact Information: First Name, Last Name, Best Phone, City of Residence
  • Helper Contact Information: First Name, Last Name, Best Phone, Best Email, City of Residence
  • How do you know the person you are nominating as a Helper?

Helper Information:

  • About the Helper - Briefly describe the person you're nominating. What is their personal background? Who are they as a person? Who are they passionate about helping?
  • Why and how is your nominee inspired to help?
  • Please provide specific examples of ways your nominee is helping others. Examples may include demonstrations of their leadership, innovative ways to solve problems, perseverance or heroism.

Additional Information:

  • Optional: One video (max. one minute) or one photo.

Sample script for “The Helpers”: Hi! I’m _______ from _____, I saw that _____ needed _____, so I decided to help by ______.

Please stay home and stay safe with LPB.

Your Health. Our Purpose. Louisiana Healthcare Connections TM

Tips for a great video:

  • Make it less than one-minute in length.
  • Shoot the video horizontally.
  • Stand six feet from the camera.

  • Use natural outdoor lighting; even on a cloudy day, it’s best
  • Speak clearly!

To submit your story:


Submit a Helper story. Follow the prompts.

Thanks in advance for your participation in this fun project. Be safe and be well!