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Reggie Morgan

Reggie Morgan

CEO of TBT Music Group

Reggie I. Morgan is the owner of Kingdom Kutz Barbershop/ T.B.T Music Group Recording Studio that has been in business for over 10 years. He has also launched a hair product line known as “Sponge Juice”.

In 2018 he opened a paint company which later would be named The Paint Crew. Mr.

Morgan got this name from the helping men once like himself that couldn’t get a job. He allows men that feel like there’s no way out to get up and get out. The paint crew is a LLC company and fully insured which allows Morgan and his crew to do residential as well as commercial properties. All of Mr. Morgan companies are located in the Baton Rouge area.

With the hard life Morgan had 20 years ago, he has made a turnaround in his community. He was incarcerated for more than 10 years of his life. Morgan has decided to take it to the streets with his movement “Overlook your enemies/ I’m going let you slide.”

Mr. Morgan is now taking it back to the same streets on which he was once shot and left for dead, and where he sold drugs and stole. Morgan is painting and cutting kid’s hair for free; giving back to the community whenever he can.

Morgan has been given several interviews to the local new stations, commercials and increase the peace rally to reach out and touch his community this lost generation in the words of Mr. Morgan.

Reggie Morgan has 2 sons which are very proud of the turned around their father has shown. He also has 3 brothers living and 1 sister. Mr. Morgan is not married at the time he believes God will send his wife when the time is right. Reggie Morgan is a true example of making it out.