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New Life for a Former Convent, GU272 & The Louisiana Connection, Surviving Suicide | LOUISIANA: THE STATE WE’RE IN | 2/7/20


Since Sister Joan Laplace was a senior in high school, she knew she had a calling. What she could not know was that she would someday lead a group of New Orleans nuns in the fight against climate change. Andre' Moreau has the latest on the plan to turn a former convent and now green space into a recreational and educational amenity that reduces flood risk. Architect David Waggonner and his team discuss why this should be a model for what New Orleans must do to live with and manage water and survive.


In 1838, 272 men, women and children were sold by the Maryland Jesuits to catholic plantation owners in Iberville, Terrebonne and ascension parishes in Louisiana. A part of the sale of the slaves was used to pay off the debts of Georgetown College (now Georgetown University). Natasha Williams talks with two descendants and the founder of a museum in Houma that is honoring their history and what the descendants are asking the museum to do.


We hear so much about warning signs and awareness following a suicide, but hear almost nothing about the lifetime of pain survivors must endure. The number of suicides daily in the U.S. is staggering. Andre’ talks with Pat Mashburn, author of the book, “Just Breathe” about the care of survivors of suicide.

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