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Louisiana: The State We’re In, Louisiana's only statewide news magazine and one of the longest running television programs in the nation.

PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab Program, Political Polarization, Revisiting Reform, Fasting Rats | 09/28/18 | Louisiana: The State We're In

PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab Program

As part of this PBS program, we follow and observe students from LSU Lab School as they document and report on civil rights icon James Meredith. The project is bringing a major part of American history to life through reporting on it in this high school media class, under the direction of PBS NewsHour.

Political Polarization

A democracy expert (researcher, professor, author) hosts a forum to talk about political polarization and views of Americans present day. We hear what his research finds and gets reaction from those attending the event.

Revisiting Reform

Governor John Bel Edwards championed new laws to reduce the state’s once highest-in-the-nation incarceration rate. One year later his Republican opponents say the reforms are failing. Louisiana Public Square looked for answers.

Fasting Rats

A new study from Pennington Biomedical Research Center shows that rats that only ate once a day, compared to rats that had access to food throughout the day, were healthier and lived longer. This occurred even when their diets were considered less healthy. What does this study mean for how humans should eat?