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Louisiana: The State We’re In, Louisiana's only statewide news magazine and one of the longest running television programs in the nation.

AG Speaks on Client Change, SNAP Work Requirements, Blanco Policy Center, Louisiana: The State We're In - 42 Years! | 09/14/18 | Louisiana: The State We're In

AG Speaks on Climate Change

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is urging local and state leaders to consider that challenging big oil and energy over climate change could cost the state jobs.

Blanco Policy Center

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is opening a new public policy center in former Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s honor.

SNAP Work Requirements

Congressmen have until the end of the month to approve a new Farm Bill, which includes the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps. House members are pushing for new rules that would mean some program enrollees would need to find a job or lose their benefits. What does that mean for Louisiana residents?

Now Starting Our 42nd Season

Louisiana: The State We’re In is now beginning its 42nd year. Noting our anniversary, we show a clip from the very first SWI program in 1976. Beth Courtney, the first anchor, reflects on successfully bringing the news to Louisiana for over 41 years.