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Louisiana: The State We’re In, Louisiana's only statewide news magazine and one of the longest running television programs in the nation.

Public Defenders, River Studies, Engaging Louisiana, Grapefruit | 08/30/19 | Louisiana: The State We're In

Public Defender Lawsuit

Natasha Williams looks into the lawsuit against Governor John Bel Edwards and the Louisiana Public Defender Board that claims the state’s underfunded public defender system fails to protect the rights of people who can’t afford to hire a lawyer. She speaks with Jamila Johnson, from the Southern Poverty Law Center; Derwyn Bunton, Orleans Parish Public Defender; and Jacob Israel, who claims he was a victim of the system.

River Studies

André Moreau visits the Water Campus in Baton Rouge to see how scientists at the LSU Center for River Studies are using new data in their models as they look at coastal land loss and the building of Sediment Diversion projects, which are a major focus of the state’s effort to rebuild rapidly eroding marshes. Other LSU scientists question if such diversions offer real solutions. Andre' speaks with Clint Wilson from the LSU Center for River Studies; Greg Grandy from CPRA; and Gene Turner, LSU Dept. of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences.

Engaging Louisiana

How can Louisianans be encouraged to be more active in the political process? Why has Louisiana seen a surge in female candidates? How will new lawmakers gain much-needed institutional knowledge? What role do grassroots organizations play in shaping state policy? And what influence should and do lobbyists have in legislative affairs?

Record-Setting Grapefruit

A grapefruit grown in the backyard of Beth and Doug Meyer of Slidell turned out to be unlike any other on record. This grapefruit holds the Guinness World Record for size and weight. We take a look at the process of calculating its world record status.