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Legislative Summary, Potential Education Legislation, Old State Capitol Restoration Anniversary, Inside the LSU Tiger Marching Band | 5/3/19 | Louisiana: The State We're In

Legislative Wrap

This week’s highlights at the LA Legislature

Potential Education Legislation

Natasha Williams takes a look at some of the education bills making their way through the Capitol. A bill by Baton Rouge Rep. Steve Carter aims to help elementary students improve their reading skills, while others intend to raise teacher pay.

Old State Capitol Restoration Anniversary

Andre’ Moreau takes us behind the 25th anniversary of the restoration of the Old State Capitol. Andre talks with Director of Museums Mary Durusau and former Asst. Sec. of State, Bob Courtney, who pushed for the Sec. of State’s office to take control of overseeing the Gothic structure. The Castle on the Hill saw a rebirth in 1994 after years of neglect left the building closed and in partial ruin.

Inside the LSU Tiger Marching Band

Charles Jones takes us inside the LSU Tiger Marching Band and shows us one of the band’s top recruiting tools. It’s to let students have to chance to get the feel of being in the band for one day. Director Damon Talley directs the Tiger Band.