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St. Landry Church Fires, Start of the Legislative Session, 2019 Gubernatorial Forum, Hotel Bentley | 4/12/19 | Louisiana: The State We're In

St. Landry Church Fires

This week saw a break in the case of the church fires in St. Landry Parish. Investigators announced the arrest of a suspect. Andre’ Moreau visits with Pastor Gerald Toussaint of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, one of the three historically-black churches that burned. Pastor Toussaint talks with Andre' about fatigue, faith and hope.

Start of the Legislative Session

Natasha Williams talks with lawmakers about the start of the 2019 legislative session, including what they plan to lobby for and against. The Governor opened the session with a message of hope for the state. How do the legislators feel about what's ahead of them? We'll find out.

2019 Gubernatorial Forum

SWI looks into the 2019 Gubernatorial Forum at the Public Affairs Research Council (PAR) Conference and Luncheon. Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards and Republican candidate Rep. Ralph Abraham answered questions which were submitted beforehand. The other challenger, Republican businessman Eddie Rispone, did not take part.

Hotel Bentley

Last August, the Bentley Hotel in Alexandria, usually known as Hotel Bentley, celebrated 110 years. It’s on the national register of historic places and has undergone a number of renovations and transformations. Today it stands as it was intended by the man who built it. We visit this historic structure in Central Louisiana.