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The Mueller Report, LSU Controversy, Folk Art in Chauvin | 3/29/19 | Louisiana: The State We're In

The Mueller Report

Robert Mueller has completed the Russia investigation and delivered his report to the Justice Department. Mueller concluded there was no collusion between President Trump and his campaign team. Natasha Williams talks with Don Cazayoux, a former U.S. Attorney, Congressman and State Representative about the release of the Mueller Report on President Trump and the many questions that still remain unanswered.

LSU Controversy

As LSU is announcing a $1.5 billion dollar endowment campaign, the most ambitious in state history, the former head of the state’s higher education board is calling for LSU President F. King Alexander to be removed along with Athletic Director Joe Alleva after what he calls years of blunders and mistakes by both. We speak with Baton Rouge business executive and philanthropist Richard Lipsey about his call to clean house at LSU and the reaction it's gotten.

Folk Art in Chauvin

We visit a folk art sculpture garden in Chauvin, LA. When bricklayer Kenny Hill was evicted from his property in Chauvin in the winter of 1999, the fate of the mysterious sculpture garden he had built was in jeopardy. Today, it has been voted one of the 12 most spectacular gardens in the world. We find out how it came to be, was preserved and why it has become a tourist attraction.