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The Tax Break Trade-Off, Reducing Domestic Violence, Elementary Math + Good Grades = Success in Life | 02/01/19 | Louisiana: The State We're In

The Tax Break Trade-Off

Does Louisiana get enough bang for its buck when it gives big industry property tax exemptions? For decades, there has been debate about the trade-off. Was it worth it for the state to give billions of dollars in tax breaks to lure major industry? A recent ‘no’ vote to ExxonMobil by the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board has thrown the issue into the headlines. Andre’ Moreau spoke with State Representative Ted James, as well as Dwight Hudson with the East Baton Rouge Metro Council about the situation.

Reducing Domestic Violence

Louisiana ranks number 2 nationally in domestic violence-related deaths. Only Alaska has more such deaths. But various programs, including recently passed legislation, are aimed at reducing the number of incidents and victims. Natasha Williams spoke with Domestic Violence Educator Monica Alfred, a victim of domestic violence herself, about what officials are doing to lower statistics through education and outreach.

Elementary Math + Good Grades = Success in Life

A child’s mastery of elementary school math is the best predictor of their success in life. That is the finding of a recent study by the U.S. Department Of Education and American Psychological Association. That should make parents in West Feliciana feel good, because the State Department Of Education says the math program there is a shining example of what it ought to be. One of the reasons for this is Bains Elementary fifth-grade teacher Stephanie Whetstone, who has won the Milken Family Foundation's “Oscars of Education” award.