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Louisiana Public Square

Renewable and Reality | March 2021

President Joe Biden has aggressive plans to transform the nation’s heavily fossil-fuel powered economy into a clean-burning one by 2035. Governor John Bel Edwards is encouraging members of the state’s new Climate Initiatives Task Force to explore wind power in the Gulf. While oil and gas consumption has declined recently, domestic oil production still remains essential to the economy of Louisiana.

How realistic are plans to rapidly move towards a nationwide reliance on wind and solar energy? How is Louisiana’s energy industry already addressing climate change? And what will a pause in offshore leases and other federal measures mean for jobs and the economy in Louisiana? Louisiana Public Square looks for answers on “Renewable and Reality” Wednesday, March 24 at 7pm on LPB and WLAE in New Orleans.

Louisiana Public Square can also be heard on public radio stations WRKF in Baton Rouge; Red River Radio in Shreveport and Alexandria; and WWNO in New Orleans. Check their station websites for schedule.