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Reopening Education | July 2020 | Louisiana Public Square

What are your concerns about the upcoming school year? Submit your written or video question here and we’ll try to answer it during the program. (Click Here)

Reopening Education | July 2020 | Louisiana Public Square

COVID-19 triggered the closing of all of Louisiana’s public and private schools serving over 800,000 K-12 students. Colleges and universities closed through the spring semester and just one-third of early learning centers remain open. Students will have lost the equivalent of nine weeks of in-person instruction as they head into summer, when learning loss normally occurs.

So, what will Louisiana’s next school year look like? Are longer school days in the future? What are the consequences of postponed performance tests? Will tuition rise? And how successful can online instruction be when one-third of the state’s students lack internet access? Louisiana Public Square explores the issues facing pre-K through Higher Ed on “Reopening Education” Wednesday, July 22 at 7pm on LPB and in New Orleans on WLAE.

Louisiana Public Square can also be heard on public radio stations WRKF in Baton Rouge; Red River Radio in Shreveport and Alexandria; and WWNO in New Orleans. Check their station websites for schedule.