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Web Extras | Youth & Guns | July 2019

Jamison’s Death | Youth & Guns | July 2019 | Louisiana Public Square

Murray “Coach” Tate describes how his son was murdered while helping a friend move.

Duke It Out | Youth & Guns | July 2019 | Louisiana Public Square

Murray “Coach” Tate, who lost his son to gun violence, describes conflict resolution in his youth.

B.R. C.H.A.N.G.E. | Youth & Guns | July 2019 | Louisiana Public Square

Murray “Coach” Tate has joined with other parents of children lost to gun violence to form a group called C.H.A.N.G.E.

Displacement | Youth & Guns | July 2019 | Louisiana Public Square

Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Joseph Paul explains how the effectiveness of new technology pinpointing crime hot spots has created unintended consequences.

Social Media Silence | Youth & Guns | July 2019 | Louisiana Public Square

Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Joseph Paul gets disappointing feedback from youth on reporting potential crimes they see on social media.

Second Amendment | Youth & Guns | July 2019 | Louisiana Public Square

Greg Phares, Chief Criminal Deputy for East Feliciana and firearms instructor gives his views on the Second Amendment.

Red Flag Laws | Youth & Guns | July 2019 | Louisiana Public Square

Angelle Bradford with the Louisiana Chapter of Moms Demand Action describes some gun regulations they support.

June 2020 - Youth & Guns

Within the last month, Governor John Bel Edwards signed three pieces of pro-gun legislation into law. They include allowing the carrying of firearms into places of worship if approved by the church, and into different municipalities even where they’re banned. In July, Louisiana Public Square examined the challenges of keeping guns out of the hands of youth. Many cities see a spike in gun violence during the summer, so we decided it would be appropriate to re-broadcast “Youth & Guns” this month.

Louisiana leads the country in the rate of young people murdered through gun violence. Black youth are 14 times more likely to die at the hands of a gun than white teens. Additionally, the state has the second highest rate of children, aged 17 and younger, who are unintentionally shot.

Why are Louisiana’s younger residents so vulnerable to gun violence? How does exposure to this violence affect their physical and mental well-being? What is the state doing to help confront the issue and where do gaps remain? Louisiana Public Square brings together stakeholders and decision makers to explore “Youth & Guns” Wednesday, June 24 at 7pm on LPB and in New Orleans on WLAE.

The panelists are:

  • Aishala Burgess, Executive Director of TRUCE
  • Deputy Chief Jonathan Dunnam, Baton Rouge Police Department
  • D.A. Hillar Moore, East Baton Rouge Parish
  • Reggie Morgan, CEO of TBT Music Group

The program features interviews with Angelle Bradford, Louisiana Chapter of Moms Demand Action; Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul; Greg Phares, Chief Criminal Deputy East Feliciana Parish and firearms instructor; and Murray “Coach” Tate who lost his son, Jamison, to gun violence.

LPB CEO, Beth Courtney and LPB news anchor, Natasha Williams, host the show.

Our Panelists & Hosts:

Louisiana Public Square can also be heard on public radio stations WRKF in Baton Rouge; Red River Radio in Shreveport and Alexandria; and WWNO in New Orleans. Check their station websites for schedule.


  • Crime Stoppers – List including Louisiana contact for reporting tips on criminal activity witnessed on social media or in person
  • “Be Smart” Campaign – Information about the “Be Smart” campaign to encourage responsible gun ownership
  • Safer Homes, Suicide Aware – Focused on saving lives lost through suicide by gun. Includes an online course for firearms instructors and retailers.
  • Second Amendment Foundation Training Division – Find a local class on the safe use of firearms
  • 100 Black Men – Louisiana chapter information for organization that enhances educational and economic opportunities for all African-Americans
  • Moms Demand Action – Website for gun violence prevention organization
  • Louisiana District Attorneys – Contact info for your local District Attorney
  • TRUCE – Information on Baton Rouge nonprofit helping youth escape violence on the streets
  • Reggie Morgan on Facebook – Reggie Morgan, a former inmate who was once shot and left for dead now uses his faith to send out a message of unity through music.
  • “Youth Under Fire” – 2018 report on youth gun violence by Center for American Progress