Dialogue on Disparity | September 2020 | Louisiana Public Broadcasting
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Dialogue on Disparity | September 2020 | Louisiana Public Square

As the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed, it’s exposed health disparities between blacks and whites. African-Americans are three times more likely to become infected from the virus and twice as likely to die. In the midst of the epidemic, the death of George Floyd has reignited debates about racial inequities within the criminal justice system. And, political analysts are already expressing fear that certain voting practices will discourage minority participation in November’s critical election.

So, how is Louisiana addressing health inequities in its battle against the coronavirus? How is it confronting racial disparities when enforcing the law? And, what barriers to voting exist for people of color in the state and can they be overcome? Louisiana Public Square looks for answers on “Dialogue on Disparity” Wednesday, September 23 at 7pm on LPB and in New Orleans on WLAE.

Our panelists are:

Segment One: Health Disparities

  • Sandra Chaisson Brown, DNS, APRN, FNP-BC; Co-Chair COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force
  • Keith Ferdinand, M.D., Tulane School of Medicine
  • President Reynold Verret, Ph.D., Xavier University

Segment Two: Criminal Justice

  • Deputy Chief Darrell Basco, Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police
  • Sen. Cleo Fields, D-Baton Rouge; Chair of the Police Training, Screening and De-Escalation Task Force
  • Alanah Odoms Hebert, Executive Director, ACLU of Louisiana
  • Loren Lampert, Louisiana District Attorneys Association

Segment Three: Voting Access

  • Alanah Odoms Hebert, Executive Director, ACLU of Louisiana
  • Sen. Barry Milligan, R-Shreveport; Vice Chair of Senate & Governmental Affairs Committee
  • Albert Samuels, Ph.D., Southern University Political Science Department

Beth Courtney, LPB CEO, and Natasha Williams, LPB news reporter, host.

Our Panelists & Hosts:

Louisiana Public Square can also be heard on public radio stations WRKF in Baton Rouge; Red River Radio in Shreveport and Alexandria; and WWNO in New Orleans. Check their station websites for schedule.