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Katie Queen, MD; Our Lady of the Angels, Bogalusa

Katie Queen, MD

Our Lady of the Angels, Bogalusa

Dr. Queen is a pediatrician who is passionate about preventing chronic disease and obesity in children by promoting healthy lifestyle choices. She first became interested in nutrition and physical activity as a teen, when she recalls doing weekly step aerobics with her mother at the local gym. While completing her degree in Plan II Honors liberal arts at the University of Texas at Austin, she completed her AFAA training to teach group exercise, was president of the Nutrition & Wellness Association, and concentrated on nutrition classes in addition to her premedical studies.

She went on to complete her medical degree from LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans, spending two elective months during her fourth year at UCSF and Duke University learning from experts in childhood obesity. During her residency at LSU Pediatrics New Orleans, she received an American Academy of Pediatrics CATCH grant to design and implement an intensive healthy lifestyle program for kids and their families at a local community center.

Dr. Queen remains an active member of the national American Academy of Pediatrics section on childhood obesity and is currently working on creating a section for the state chapter. She also recently joined Bogalusa Strong and the Covington Mayor’s Council on Health & Wellness. She plans to partner with local organizations to help make Washington Parish a healthier place for children and families.

Dr. Queen believes in practicing what she preaches. In order to keep a healthy mind and body, she enjoys daily meditation, healthy cooking, and exercising at home even when it involves her three children, ages 1,3,5, lying on top of her while she is trying to do yoga or push-ups. She dreams of a day when her own children are given water instead of sugar-sweetened beverages and snacks not only at home, but also at school. She dreams of a day when kids are putting down their electronics to move rather than to sit, and she is committed to doing whatever she can to help families on the Northshore to live a healthier, longer, and happier life.