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Rick Moore / St. Tammany Parish Litter Enforcement Officer

Rick Moore

St. Tammany Parish Litter Enforcement Officer

Rick Moore, retired from the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office in 2000. He was elected to his Constable position in 2001 to current. In 2007 Rick was hired by St. Tammany Parish Department of Environmental Services to bring the local Justices of the Peace and Constables together and organize a parish-wide litter court in order to fight the ongoing issues with litter and illegal signage. He is currently a member of LALA (Louisiana Aquatic Litter Alliance) which worked with the LDEQ (La. Dept. of Environmental Quality) to produce a model ordinance (and) a litter enforcement handbook for local governments. He was appointed the Executive Director of Keep St. Tammany Beautiful in 2016.

September 2017; Rick received the Everyday Hero & Law Enforcement Award from Keep Louisiana Beautiful at their State Conference. Rick was recognized for this establishment of a Parish-Wide Litter Court which has served as a model for other Parishes and Cities throughout Louisiana.

Recently, Rick was honored with the National Law Enforcement Leadership Award given to him by Keep America Beautiful at their National Convention in 2018. He was recognized by law enforcement professionals who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to community service in their approaches to enforcement of environmental laws and regulations.