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Camille Manning-Broome, Center for Planning Excellence

Camille Manning-Broome

President & CEO, Center for Planning Excellence

Camille Manning-Broome is internationally-recognized for her expertise in resilience and climate adaptation planning. She has presented Louisiana's innovations and lessons learned around coastal community sustainability, climate change resilience, and adaptation to professional peers throughout the U.S. and the globe.

Camille is President & CEO of the Center for Planning Excellence and leads a dynamic multidisciplinary team that delivers visionary planning processes to communities across Louisiana. CPEX also provides planning services and policy guidance to the State of Louisiana as well as parish and municipal governments. During her 13-year tenure at CPEX, Camille has spearheaded and directed numerous planning initiatives, with a focus on community adaptation in coastal Louisiana, publishing the Louisiana Land Use Toolkit, Coastal Best Practices Manual, and the View from the Coast. Under her leadership, CPEX has leveraged over $15M in federal, state, and local funds to develop over 40 community plans.

Camille holds a M.S. from Louisiana State University's College of the Coast & Environment. Her diverse career experience prior to joining CPEX includes work in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, and she has attended Congressional delegation trips to the Netherlands and Japan to study water and disaster management.