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Janice Lansing

Janice Lansing

Governor Edwards’ Task Force on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy

Ms. Lansing is the Chief Financial Officer for the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. She is responsible for the administration of the agency’s business operations, including accounting, budget control, procurement, contract and grant management, property control, management and program analysis, and human resources for the agency.
Ms. Lansing holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Louisiana State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Southeastern Louisiana University.

Upon completion of her Master’s degree in 1992, Ms. Lansing accepted a position in the Legislative Fiscal Office as a Fiscal Analyst. In 1996, she was appointed by Lt. Governor Kathleen Blanco to serve as Undersecretary for the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism. In 2004, she was appointed by Governor Blanco as the Undersecretary for the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, and in 2008, she was re-appointed as Undersecretary by Governor Bobby Jindal. In February 2010, Ms. Lansing accepted the Chief Financial Officer position at the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, a newly formed organization responsible for Louisiana’s coastal restoration and flood protection efforts. She is also a Trustee on the Louisiana State Employees Retirement System Board, and most recently, is serving as the Chair of the Governor’s Task Force on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination.

Ms. Lansing is married to Steve Lansing and they have two children, Ian and Angele.