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Bren Haase

Ben Haase

Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

Lawrence Bren Haase was appointed CPRA’s Executive Director in January 2019. He holds degrees in marine biology from Auburn University and a Master’s in oceanography/coastal sciences from Louisiana State University.

Bren’s experience spans 20 years of working in coastal wetlands ecology, restoration and regulation in the private sector as well as in federal and state government. At CPRA he has served as Deputy Executive Director, Division Chief of Planning and Research, and as lead author of the 2017 Louisiana’s Comprehensive Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast.

He also served as CPRA’s representative on the Louisiana Coastal Area Ecosystem Restoration Program, the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Program, and the Beneficial Use of Dredged Material Program.

His work has garnered attention and awards, including the 2017 Governor’s Award for Conservationist of the Year, presented by the Louisiana Wildlife Federation and the National Wildlife Federation; the 2011 Sue Hawes Memorial Coastal Stewardship Award presented by the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL) for working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to complete the Louisiana Coastal Area Louisiana Ecosystem Restoration Study; and CRCL’s Coastal Stewardship Award for embracing a spirit of cooperation and dedication toward a shared vision for coastal restoration.

Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority is the single state entity with authority to develop, articulate, implement, and enforce a comprehensive coastal restoration and protection Master Plan of unified vision to reduce hurricane storm surge flood impact, to restore our bountiful natural resources, to build land to protect our nation’s critical energy infrastructure, and to secure Louisiana’s coast now and for future generations.