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Logan Burke, Alliance for Affordable Energy

Logan Burke

Executive Director, Alliance for Affordable Energy

Logan Burke has served as the Executive Director for the Alliance for Affordable Energy since 2017.

She received a Bachelor’s Degree from Vassar College.

Ms. Burke works on a broad scope of consumer protection and clean energy issues, advocating for energy efficiency programs, distributed energy resources, equitable and affordable access to renewable energy.

She has led several collaborative efforts with other advocacy organizations in the housing, health, good governance sectors, ultimately creating reports on health impacts of energy, the creation of a sustainable housing policy for New Orleans, and holistic resource planning, including the impacts of climate change and resilience needs.

Ms. Burke has a weekly radio show, the People’s Power Hour, on New Orleans community radio station, 102.3 FM WHIV. She has contributed to academic research efforts on energy policy and climate justice.

Logan grew up in Alabama and now lives in New Orleans.