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Monique Boulet / Acadiana Planning Commission

Monique Boulet

Acadiana Planning Commission

Monique Boulet serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for the Acadiana Planning Commission, APC. Boulet lead the U.S. EDA Economic Development District federal designation of Louisiana Planning District 4 with the creation of APC in 2015 and the federal EDD designation following in 2017. She is currently leading the 7-parish planning district, the 6-parish MPO, the 9-parish Opportunity Zone initiative and the 16-parish Louisiana Watershed Initiative Region 5 application.

Boulet is known for her ability to solve complex problems with public and private collaboration crossing political and economic boundaries. In 2016, Boulet was selected by the National Organizations of Development Organizations to participate in the US Economic Development Administration Emerging Leaders Program working with peers from throughout the U.S.

Following the Louisiana Flood events of 2016, under Boulet’s leadership Acadiana became a federal and state “Best Practice” example for regional watershed planning and implementation. In 2017, Acadiana received the .rst regional mitigation award of $25 million focused on .ooding. This work was recognized in the Forth National Climate Assessment (NCA4) presented to the President and mandated by Congress. In July of 2019 APC was funded by USDA to conduct a comprehensive assessment of existing broadband facilities and infrastructure needed to support future broadband expansion in eligible rural communities in the APC region.

Prior to working in regional government, Boulet worked in the private sector in a start-up oil field service company and specialized in strategic business planning in addition to advertising and marketing. Boulet received her Executive Master of Business Administration from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She was born and raised in Acadiana, is married to David Boulet and is the mother of 4 children, Kathleen, David, Zachary and Samuel.

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