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Zachary Binney / Emory University

Zachary Binney, Ph.D.

Epidemiologist with Oxford College at Emory University, former consultant to NFL and NCAA teams

Zach Binney joined Oxford College in August 2020 as an Assistant Professor of Quantitative Theory and Methods. He's an Atlanta native, born and raised. He left for four years to earn his undergraduate degree in the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine from the University of Chicago in 2008, but he returned every summer to work as an editor for the CNN Radio network. He then spent 3 years in Washington, D.C. as a healthcare consultant before returning to Atlanta to earn his MPH in epidemiology from Emory in 2013. After a year of research work at the Emory Palliative Care Center he moved back across the quad to earn his PhD in epidemiology at Emory in 2018. His dissertation was on NFL injuries.

Dr. Binney has taught multiple courses in epidemiologic and statistical methods to students from freshmen undergraduates through PhD students at Emory and Georgia State Universities. His research currently sits at the intersection of sports and public health, focusing on sports injuries and athlete health. He has previously worked in palliative and end-of-life care and and collaborated on projects related to infectious diseases. He has consulted for sports organizations (including NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA Division I teams), pharmaceutical companies, and media groups on statistical and analytical issues. He is also a staff writer at Football Outsiders and enjoys working with journalists to communicate accessibly about epidemiology and statistics to the public.