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Linda Barrett

Linda - Marie Barrett

Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance

Linda-Marie Barrett is the Assistant Executive Director of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA), a trade association which represents over 300 bookstores and thousands of booksellers in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and Mississippi. SIBA unites individuals and businesses actively engaged in the writing, selling, publishing, distribution and/or promoting of books in the South.

For nearly 30 years she worked as an independent bookseller and then General Manager at the award-winning Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe in Asheville, NC. During this time, she presented on numerous best practices topics at the American Booksellers Association’s Winter Institute, and at SIBA’s Discovery show. She has been interviewed by The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Publishers Weekly, and other national and local media on issues related to bookselling. She served on the ABA’s Booksellers Advisory Council, SIBA’s Board, and as SIBA’s Bookseller Liaison.

She was the editor and a contributing author for the bestselling mystery Naked Came the Leaf Peeper, a serial novel that represents the collaborative work of 12 North Carolina writers. The novel was inspired by Naked Came the Manatee, a mystery-thriller parody penned by 13 Miami-area writers.

She has a Masters in Russian Literature and Slavic Linguistics from Cornell University, and a BA in Russian Studies from Colgate University.