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In The Blind

In the Blind, a powerful new documentary that traces the unique traditions and rich culture of waterfowl hunting in Louisiana’s Sportsman’s Paradise and explores the sport’s relevance in a global conservation effort to preserve and restore waterfowl populations, migratory flyways and fragile habitat of this imperiled region.

In the Blind transports audiences across Louisiana from coastal marshes to flooded forests to trace the history of some of the region’s most famous hunting clubs and public land hunting spots, along with the traditions and cuisine that make up this unique, renowned culture. The program features an immersive, “day in the life” of the sport’s most passionate participants, from the hunters and guides, to the card players, storytellers, cooks, decoy carvers, call-makers, wildlife conservationists, land managers and environmental journalists.

For this documentary, LPB partnered with New Orleans-based filmmaker Emma Lou Reid, producer, writer and director of In the Blind. For three years, Reid - a Minnesota native and Louisiana transplant - immersed herself in the culture, politics and landscape of duck hunting. Prior to working on In The Blind, Reid co-produced the National Telly Award winning documentary, Finding Common Ground.

LPB’s President and CEO, Beth Courtney, interviewed Reid about the project during the statewide premiere of In the Blind. Viewers were offered exclusive opportunities during the LPB broadcast, including a hunting camp excursion, a kayak/birdwatching tour of Bayou Manchac led by Reid, and other unique duck hunting items.

Major funding for In the Blind is generously provided by Lipsey's, Acadian Ambulance Service and Mr. & Mrs. W. Clinton Rasberry Jr. and W. Clinton Rasberry III.


In honor of the premiere of In the Blind on LPB, the LOUISIANA DIGITAL MEDIA ARCHIVE (LDMA) is highlighting stories related to duck hunting in Louisiana. In the state known as the Sportsman’s Paradise, generations of hunters have developed traditions related to waterfowl hunting and have played a vital role in the conservation efforts for bird populations and their habitats. Explore LPB’s past stories on duck hunting culture, duck recipes, and waterfowl conservation.

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Meet the Director

Image of Emma Lou Reid, Director of "In the Blind" documentary

Emma Lou Reid is a New Orleans based filmmaker originally from Minneapolis. Her background is in environmental science and she co-produced the National Telly Award winning documentary, Finding Common Ground. Although Emma is an avid naturalist and swamp tour guide, the world of hunters and duck hunting was a foreign concept to her. Like many others unfamiliar with hunting, she never considered the role hunters play in protecting our environment.

​Three years later, after immersing herself into the culture, politics and landscape of duck hunters, it is needless to say a lot has changed. Her time with hunters in duck blinds across the state was eye-opening and inspired a captivating story that will educate and bring together the hunters and the non-hunters.

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