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Hindsight, a documentary short film series, chronicling the live experiences of communities of color in the American South on the unprecedented experience of 2020.

LPB is pleased to present, Hindsight, a documentary short film series, chronicling the lived experiences of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities in the American South and in Puerto Rico. Two Louisiana-based filmmakers were selected to be a part of this exciting project, with LPB providing guidance and mentorship to filmmakers Zac Manuel and Kiyoko McCrae.

LPB, working in conjunction with Firelight Media, Reel South, the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM), and public media stations across the South, was pleased to work with the talented, emerging filmmakers as they explored the cultural shifts, community ingenuity, and pivotal conversations that took part across the South during the pandemic and social justice movements of 2020.

Enjoy their thought-provoking efforts below. (Remember to refresh your browser if you experience difficulty loading the videos.)

The Interviews:

The Films:

This Body – Filmmaker Zac Manuel explores the fraught relationship between African Americans and the medical industry.

Filmmaker Zac Manuel

Louisiana-based Filmmaker | LPB

We Stay In The House – Filmmaker Kiyoko McCrae provides an intimate portrait of four mothers in New Orleans as they struggle to care for their families and themselves throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Filmmaker Kiyoko McCrae

Louisiana-based Filmmaker | LPB

Now Let Us Sing – Filmmaker Dilsey Davis follows an interfaith choir in Durham, North Carolina, as it is forced to take a new direction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Filmmaker Dilsey Davis

Missing Magic – Filmmaker Anissa Simone Latham-Brown follows a young poet in Birmingham, Alabama, as he becomes involved in local protests against decades of police brutality.

Filmmaker Anissa Simone Latham-Brown

Udaan – Filmmaker Amman Abbasi follows a young Pakistani woman as she immigrates from Karachi, Pakistan, to a small town in Arkansas to begin her first year of COVID-19.

Filmmaker Amman Abbasi

Comida pa’los Pobres – Filmmaker Arleen Cruz-Alicea follows Giovanni, a young Puerto Rican activist, as he confronts the island’s persistent crisis of food insecurity.

Filmmaker Arleen Cruz-Alicea