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Art Rocks! Season 7

Art Rocks! Season 7

Art Rocks! - Episode 723

Nine Baton Rouge area families have loaned major pieces from their private collections to the LSU Museum of Art. They are displayed in an exhibition called “Living with Art.” The Louisiana, national and international artists who created the pieces are among the finest of their generation. See works by Ida Kohlmeyer, Frank Hayden, Louise Comfort Tiffany, Lin Emery, Clementine Hunter, Andy Warhol, George Dunbar, Emile Nolde and more. The museum’s Executive Director, Daniel E. Stetson, gives us a tour of the collection.

Art Rocks! - Episode 722

See how the arts and business communities in Monroe came together for the largest and most sweeping public art project ever to migrate to Ouachita Parish. Inspired by the blue herons of the region, Herons on the Bayou nests six-foot-tall sculptures at area businesses in every fashion imaginable, painted and adorned by area artists. Brooke Foy, Assistant Professor at the University of Louisiana Monroe, takes us on a birdwatching tour. Plus, see stories about visual and performing artists from around the country.

Art Rocks! - Episode 721

Meet renowned artist Robert Dafford, who has painted a collection of murals at Louisiana State University that span three floors of the College of Art & Design. The murals honor architect Julian T. White, the first African American professor at LSU. Dafford is a native of Lafayette, Louisiana, and has been designing and painting primarily outdoor works professionally since 1970. He is one the most prolific and successful muralists in America, with over 350 large scale public works completed throughout the U.S., as well as France, Belgium, England, and Canada. Robert Dafford tells us about the project at LSU on this week’s Art Rocks! Plus, see stories about artists from around the country.

Art Rocks! - Episode 720

Meet Baton Rouge Gallery artist member, painter Isoko Onodera, who strives to reflect not just her subject’s physical characteristics but also what she or he might be feeling at a specific moment in time. Her work is also motivated by her contemplation on the similarity between a person’s life and a process of painting. She finds an interesting parallel between how humans are formed throughout their lifetime and how her paintings are created: they both are composed of multiple layers and each layer is an important and significant part of the whole.

Art Rocks! - Episode 719

Louisiana is a natural wonder with ethereal waterways, primeval forests, and an abundance of flora and fauna. The exhibition Acadia: Painting and Place at the New Orleans Museum of Art lets us see Louisiana through the eyes of the first European and South American settlers, who arrived more than 300 years ago. Curator Katie Pfohl guides us through the earliest paintings of Louisiana and introduces us to the artists who created them. Plus, stories from around the country on this week’s Art Rocks!

Art Rocks! - Episode 718

Tina Freeman is a photographer whose images are raising awareness about the beauty and fragility of Louisiana landscapes. Her most recent body of work, Lamentations, is a starkly beautiful reflection on climate change seen in the juxtaposition between the landscapes of Louisiana, and those of the High Arctic. Learn more about her work from Russell Lord, Curator of Photographs at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Plus, see stories from around the country on this week’s Art Rocks!

Art Rocks! - Episode 717

Meet photographer Richard Sexton, whose book, Enigmatic Stream: Industrial Landscapes of the Lower Mississippi River, captures the essence of a complicated and often mysterious section of the country’s largest waterway. Its towering refineries, mills, and factories loom over neighboring communities, along a river network plied by tankers, barges, and cargo ships. Published by The Historic New Orleans Collection, the book also includes essays by Paul Schneider and John H. Lawrence. Learn more about this project, and see stories from around the country on this week’s Art Rocks!

Art Rocks! - Episode 716

Meet Malaika Favorite, whose paintings and collages ask the question, “where did we come from?” She shares the origin of her ideas with us, and how she hopes these images will shape conversation. Hear from Wisconsin portrait artist Pamela Ruschman, who grew up on a dairy farm and who now immortalizes barnyard animals in oil paintings. Then, a Pulitzer Prize-winning script comes to life onstage in Boston in the impassioned play, Disgraced, and Ohio engineer Keith Allen shows us his intricately crafted books that literally pop off the page.

Art Rocks! - Episode 715

Meet Audie Maxie, a woodworker from Linville, Louisiana who turns blocks of wood into bowls that are as decorative as they are functional. He favors maple, walnut and pecan wood because of the ‘spalted’ characteristics including unique coloration and patterns. An engineer by day, Audie says, “Wood turning is just good therapy. A lot of it is just the thrill of revealing what’s there, cutting into a block of wood and seeing what the grain looks like, what the pattern is.” Next, we go behind the curtain at the Reno Little Theater in Nevada, and then meet Hudson, New York mixed media artist, Jeffrey Gibson, whose Choctaw and Cherokee heritage inspires his minimalist abstract art.

Art Rocks! - Episode 714

Meet conservator Elise Grenier, who divides her time between Louisiana and Italy to preserve great masterpieces of art. Over the past 25+ years, Elise has restored artwork in major churches, palaces, museums and villas in and around Florence. In Louisiana, one of the many projects she was tasked with was restoring the 700 square-foot Conrad Albrizo fresco mural at the Louisiana State Museum. Meet Elise and learn about her research, preservation, and promotion of treasured art works at home and abroad - this week on Art Rocks!

Art Rocks! - Episode 713

Join us for a special edition of Art Rocks! featuring the work of internationally renowned Argentinian muralist, Francisco “Pastel” Diaz. In October 2019, Pastel spent three weeks in Louisiana creating permanent public murals in Baton Rouge and St. Joseph. During his artist residency, he told us about his art, travels, and concerns for the natural world. Pastel’s visit was facilitated by Ann Connelly Fine Art, whose Assistant Director, Chelsea Norris also spoke with us about Pastel’s inspiring works.

Art Rocks! - Episode 712

We visit with former museum curator and professor Carolyn A. Bercier, author of The Frescoes of Conrad Albrizio: Public Murals in the Midcentury South. Although born in New York, Albrizio’s works loom large in his adopted home of Louisiana. Known for his ‘New Deal’ work during the Great Depression, we learn that most of the treasures he created are thanks to the many other commissions he received.

Art Rocks! - Episode 711

Meet Monroe woodworker, Kyle Snellenberger, who repurposes fallen trees and reclaimed timber to create one-of-a-kind and coveted custom tables. The Hunts are siblings in Virginia who are wooing audiences with their signature vocals, and New Mexico photographer, Philip Augustine pushes the boundaries of the photographic process.

Art Rocks! - Episode 710

Meet Ascension Parish painter Alvin Batiste who recreates the rural life and music of the past through his fantastic folk art. Then, Stephanee Grosscup uses her ice skating talent to inspire others. In Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico, we see the work of potter Helen Cordero, who was known for sculpting stories onto her pieces. Our Louisiana Treasure this week takes us back in time to a circa 1880 structure on Broad Street in Lake Charles. We take a tour.

Art Rocks! - Episode 709

Meet Paul Groves, an operatic tenor who is not just a fixture in the great opera houses of the world, but also a source of tremendous pride for his native Lake Charles, Louisiana. Then, Wisconsin-born Christina Carfora combines photography and sketches made during her travel adventures to create her art. Next, see gravity-defying sculpture in Houston, Texas, before learning what the buzz is about on the Honeyrun Farm near Williamsport, Ohio.

Art Rocks! - Episode 708

Meet Ghada Henagan, a ceramic artist in Baton Rouge who grew up in a small village in Lebanon, where she began learning to see clay as her canvas. Today, Ghada finds inspiration for her work in nature incorporating different textures, drawings, and colors that evoke nostalgia and create connections between Louisiana and her native land. Then, we go ‘into the woods’ of Wisconsin with celebrated landscape painter Tom Uttech before taking a trip down memory lane in Massachusetts to see the art of poster making. Plus, a behind-the-scenes look at Something Rotten, a musical comedy that imagines the life and times of Shakespeare.

Art Rocks! - Episode 707

Louisiana native Lisette Oropesa is charming audiences in premier opera houses around the world. During a recent guest performance in Baton Rouge, the highly regarded soprano discussed the path that led her to operatic heights. The influence of Mayan ancestral roots is evident in the multi-media artwork of Minnesota artist Marisa Martinez. Then, we meet Suzanne Wallace Mears of Oklahoma City, also a mixed-media artist whose wit is reflected in her contemporary works. Closer to home, in Houston, Texas, photographer Peter Molick now uses drone technology to capture “Space City” from above.

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