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Art Rocks! Season 5

Art Rocks!

Art Rocks! - Episode 524

Celebrate The Art of Food (episode #524). Three artists of national repute, Billy Solitario of New Orleans; Demond Matsuo of Baton Rouge; and Mia Kaplan of Lacombe, inspire The Art of Food Dinner menu creatively prepared by Chef Michael Gulotta of New Orleans.

Art Rocks! - Episode 523

Meet painter Leah Morace from Central Louisiana. Encouraged by her grandmother and with Louisiana as her muse, she finds inspiration around every turn from surrounding nature and wildlife and says, "Every boat ride, camping trip, scenic tour, or simple getaway, is another idea for a painting, waiting to be projected onto the canvas.” Then, listen to a spectacular set of organ pipes in Sykes Chapel at the University of Tampa. Plus, we visit Natchitoches, the first permanent settlement in Louisiana and this week’s Louisiana Treasure.

Art Rocks! - Episode 522

We meet Lacombe, Louisiana artist Carol Hallock, who often paints the bayous and marshes that surround her waterfront home among other scenes unique to Louisiana. Her loose brush strokes capture the beauty of her native land and viewers imaginations. Hallock’s work can be found in the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion, as well as private and corporate collections across the country. Then, we find out what happens when a street artist collaborates with a choreographer to create a ballet. See excerpts from choreographer Justin Peck’s Heatscape as performed by the Miami City Ballet. Plus, in our Louisiana Treasures segment, join us at the Louisiana Museum of Natural History at LSU, home of the one of the largest university-based collection of birds in the country.

Art Rocks! - Episode 521

We meet Hilton Lytle of Monroe who has been building and repairing violins for almost half a century. Lytle shares his secrets for creating pitch perfect fiddles and tells us how he puts instruments in the hands of as many young kids as he can. Curator Andrea Lipps guides us through an exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City that explores how the standards of beauty differ between cultures. And then, we will have a beer at Monroe’s popular Flying Tiger Brewery, this week’s Louisiana Treasure.

Art Rocks! - Episode 520

LPB, New Venture Theatre, and Baton Rouge Community College collaborated to present the work of late playwright Lorraine Hansberry to new audiences. We’ll take you inside the acting workshop that incorporated Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun, the first play written by an African American woman produced on Broadway. Plus, we visit Nevada flameworker Nicole Seaton, who shows us how she uses glass rods, her own breath and propane gas to create beautiful jewels. And in this week’s Louisiana Treasures segment, we visit Landry Vineyards in the Monroe area to see how grapes are being turned into many varieties of wine.

Art Rocks! - Episode 519

We meet Ruston artist M. Douglas Walton, who was in Nepal in 2015 when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake took the lives of almost 9,000 people. It was a devastating life-altering experience that created a spirituality in him that reveals itself through his paintings. Whether it’s cutting video or mixing sound, renowned editor Paul Barnes has built an impressive career creating masterpieces of storytelling. He will share his process with us. And, if you have visited Baton Rouge’s Galvez Plaza, you were probably impressed by the sculpture surrounding the water feature by the late Frank Hayden. One of Hayden’s former students, Baton Rouge artist Ben Peabody, discusses this work with us.

Art Rocks! - Episode 518

Meet Baton Rouge painter, sculptor and relief artist Ben Peabody, who has turned his battle with alcohol addiction into an expression of art highlighting the consequences of addiction and the joy of recovery. He hopes his new book will help others who may be struggling. We will visit the New York home of Edgar Allan Poe, a place where he wrote some of his most enduring works. And in this week’s Louisiana Treasure segment, we look back at the collaboration of the late, great artist John T. Scott and contemporary sculptor Martin Payton, whose Spirit House graces New Orleans. (518)

Art Rocks! - Episode 517

Meet landscape painter Laura Gates of Alexandria, Louisiana, who is inspired by her four decades as a park ranger with the National Park Service. She paints both plein air and in her studio, and through her brushstrokes strives to express a connection to the land and to place. We look at the transformative power that photographs had in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Plus, Louisiana’s Old State Capitol has been an iconic landmark in downtown Baton Rouge for almost 170 years; author Carol Haase takes us on a tour for this week’s <i>Louisiana Treasures</i> segment.

Art Rocks! - Episode 516

Meet jewelry designer Ana Maria Andricain, whose passion for creating jewelry began while she was appearing on Broadway. A veteran theater actress, having starred in numerous Broadway shows including Les Misérables, Beauty & the Beast, and South Pacific, find out how her initial jewelry commissions in New York grew into the successful and sought-after Jewel of Havana, based in Baton Rouge. Plus, this week’s Louisiana Treasure is often referred to as the smallest church in the world, we visit the Chapel of the Madonna in Bayou Goula, Louisiana.

Art Rocks! - Episode 515

Meet Grand Coteau photographer John Slaughter, who has published three books of the compelling images he has taken over the last three decades, including one on his hometown. Milwaukee sculptor Jesse Meyer shows us how he converts sheet metal into figurative sculptures. We meet musician Béla Fleck, who has virtually reinvented the image and the sound of the banjo. Plus, we revisit the economic legacy of the old Jax Brewery in New Orleans, this week’s Louisiana Treasure.

Art Rocks! - Episode 514

See the work of late North Louisiana artist, Clyde Connell, known for her sculptures that evoke ritualistic totems and paintings that employ primitive markings. Using beautiful, rusted relics, rocks, and red clay from her farm and field, her work is characterized by having empathy for those in the black community that endured suffering as she witnessed growing up. Then, we meet milliner Karen Morris, a Hong Kong native who creates her original hat designs in Minnesota and has a following throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. Plus, Saint Katharine Drexel has long been admired as the woman who established Xavier University, the historically black university in New Orleans, long before integration. We’ll show you how the university is building on her legacy in this week’s Louisiana Treasure.

Art Rocks! - Episode 513

Meet accomplished sculptor Martin Payton who is inspired by New Orleans jazz musicians who maintain African heritage in their music. Drawing upon the ancient rhythms of forefathers, his lyrical steel sculptures are deeply rooted in the modernist tradition. Broken Time: Sculpture by Martin Payton will be on view at the LSU Museum of Art through February 11, 2018. Houston artist Cindi Rose creates mini-silhouettes with dexterity and speed; she’ll show us how. Then we visit with Josie Pace, whose music is gaining lots of attention in Detroit, and who has her sights and sounds set on a national audience. Plus, the history behind Andrew Jackson and his horse riding high over Jackson Square in New Orleans, this week’s Louisiana Treasure.

Art Rocks! - Episode 512

Meet Lafayette artist Francis X. Pavy, whose work stems from the southern storytelling tradition and involves folk-life and folklore of the local people. He shows us the prints, paintings, relief blocks and lithophanes he creates through traditional means and modern technology. Then, we see the work of internationally known designer Tim Harding, who makes large-scale textiles out of colorful Chinese silks and other vibrant materials. This week’s Louisiana Treasure is the Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church, a fixture in New Orleans for 160 years, with some of the most stunning architecture you will see anywhere.

Art Rocks! - Episode 511

We’re in Baton Rouge to welcome the Knock Knock Children’s Museum to the City Park neighborhood. The museum encourages learning through creative, fun, and imaginative play. Next, we meet antiques appraiser Barbara Eash, who helps us understand the process of assigning value to family heirlooms. Plus, we marvel at the stained glass, tile mosaics, and sculpture of St. Joseph Cathedral, this week’s Louisiana Treasure, located in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge.

Art Rocks! - Episode 510

Meet Alexandria artist Leslie Elliottsmith, who incorporates multiple images and layers when creating her artwork to tell stories rich in symbolism. African American artist Willis “Bing” Davis tells us about his mixed media work and how the world around him influences his creativity. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Manhattan’s Upper West Side doubles as monumental birdcage for Chinese artist Xu Bing’s giant phoenix sculptures that soar above its nave. Plus, we visit Magnolia Mound Plantation in Baton Rouge, this week’s <i>Louisiana Treasure</i>.

Art Rocks! - Episode 509

The city of Alexandria developed 23,000 square feet of space for artists to create and sell their work. We’ll tour the River Oaks Square Arts Center and learn more about how it came to be. PBS filmmaker Barbara Hall talks about the challenges of documenting the musical career of Patsy Cline. Fashion designer Christian Michael Schuster shows us how his fascination with military apparel has inspired his designs. Plus, we take you on a fascinating tour of the Louisiana Art & Science Museum in Baton Rouge, this week’s <i>Louisiana Treasure</i>.

Art Rocks! - Episode 508

Raise the curtain on Opéra Louisiane, celebrating 10 years of bringing some of the finest opera performers in the nation to the stage in Baton Rouge including Elizabeth Futral, Hope Briggs, Paul Groves, and Todd Thomas. We’ll introduce you to New York artist David Bentley, who turns vintage household items into art. Plus, we’ll take you to the Louisiana History Museum in Alexandria, which houses documents of one of the greatest engineering feats of the Civil War, the dam created to deepen a section of the Red River allowing Union forces to float heavy equipment across it.

Art Rocks! - Episode 507

Meet Shreveport portrait artist Talbot Hopkins Trudeau, who has spent three decades capturing the likeness and personality of her subjects in pencil, chalk, oil and watercolor. We visit with Ohio jazz pianist Khalid Moss, known worldwide for his talent, and Nevada artist Tia Flores, who burns symbolic embellishments into gourds. Plus, tour the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio, Texas before heading back to Louisiana to learn about the permanent collection and traveling exhibits that the Alexandria Museum of Art offers residents and visitors.

Art Rocks! - Episode 506

New Venture Theatre has opened doors to African Americans interested in acting in the Baton Rouge area and has produced shows highlighting the Black experience in America. Meet the man behind the movement, Artistic Director Greg Williams, Jr. Plus, award-winning New Orleans Chef Phillip L. Lopez shows us how an artful menu was inspired by the paintings of Jacqueline Bishop for <i>The Art of Food</i> dinner at LPB Studios, happening October 22, 2017.

Art Rocks! - Episode 505

We meet New Orleans artist Jacqueline Bishop, whose passion for the environment helps feed her creativity. Her paintings have inspired award-winning Chef Phillip Lopez to create a menu for a premiere event, The Art of Food, a dining experience like no other that will be held at the LPB Studios Sunday, October 22. (tickets and info at <a href=""></a>) Plus, we visit The Glass Studio in Nevada, see the popular work of “Mother Goose and Grimm” cartoonist Mike Peters, and hear the handbell music of the Tintabulations, whose play-list includes everything from holiday staples to Led Zeppelin.

Art Rocks! - Episode 504

Meet artist Jim Jeansonne, a founding member of Baton Rouge Gallery, who has spent more than six decades mastering many art forms including painting, printmaking, and sculpture in both bronze and wood. We introduce you to award-winning Chef Phillip Lopez of New Orleans, who tours the Ogden Museum in search of artwork to inspire a menu for <b>The Art of Food</b>, a culinary and dining experience like no other, taking place at LPB on Sunday, October 22. (tickets and info at <a href=""></a>) Plus, famed New York actor Kim David Smith wows a Massachusetts audience with his role in the popular musical Cabaret, and Alaska artist Clarissa Rizal shows us how she tells stories through her woven blankets.

Art Rocks! - Episode 503

Theatre Baton Rouge has been a beacon for the area’s most talented performers, presenting high quality community theater for more than 70 years, and it continues to gain momentum. We visit with the theatre’s Managing Artistic Director Jenny Ballard and cast members of its recent production of <i>Disney’s Beauty and the Beast</i>. Then, we meet Miami-born, New York City-based artist Daniel Arsham, who has won national recognition for his daring sculptural and architectural works, and award-winning Wisconsin artist James Meyer, who became a photographer by accident. Find out how plus, take a tour of the beautiful St. John the Baptist Church in New Orleans, this week’s <i>Louisiana Treasure</i>. (503)

Art Rocks! - Episode 501

This week on LPB’s<b> Art Rocks!,</b> Season 5 premieres with a look at art in public schools. We see works created by the talented students from Westdale Middle School in Baton Rouge, under the direction of their teacher and professional artist, Aliah James. Then, we’ll meet Lisa Garness Mallory, a Colorado artist who introduces us to her technique of etching photographs, and Ernest Miller, a ceramicist from Minnesota who creates signature pieces with custom glazes. Plus, we tour the Central School Art & Humanities Center in Lake Charles, this week’s <i>Louisiana Treasure</i>.

Art Rocks! is LPB’s weekly series, hosted by James Fox-Smith, publisher of Country Roads Magazine that explores the broad spectrum of art! The series spotlights artists, performance, culture, literature, history and the impact of art in our world. Art Rocks! features Louisiana stories as well as segments from across the country. Each week, the Louisiana Arts Calendar highlights current events throughout our state, and Louisiana Treasures – offering a glimpse of items, styles and themes that are unique to Louisiana. The series aims to capture your imagination, introduce you to new artists, and offer close-up views from communities around the country and our own backyard, places where art truly rocks!

Major production funding for Art Rocks! The Series is provided by Georgia-Pacific Port Hudson Operations. Special thanks to media partner Country Roads Magazine.