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Angela Gregory: A Legacy Chiseled in Stone

Join LPB as we explore the life and work of a trailblazing artist who used her talent and tenacity to become “The Doyenne of Louisiana Sculpture” and an inspiration for women everywhere - Angela Gregory (1903 – 1990).

From the streets of turn-of-the-century New Orleans where she grew up to the Parisian studio where she honed her craft, Gregory’s story is that of a woman before her time.

Beginning with her interest in art at an early age, the film explores Gregory’s studies at Newcomb College in New Orleans, and at the studio of Auguste Rodin’s chief sculptor, Antoine Bourdelle, in Paris. At a time when women struggled to be taken seriously, discover how Gregory married her mathematics skills with her love for art and architecture to create beauty “in the ultimate lasting pieces of art.”

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Behind the Scenes:

Angela Gregory: A Legacy Chiseled in Stone features interviews with: Lauren Davis, Museum Curator at Louisiana’s Old State Capitol; Susan Hymel, Angela Gregory historian; Deborah Luke, sculptor and former student of Angela Gregory; and Elizabeth Chubbuck Weinstein, guest curator for West Baton Rouge Museum.