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Sign up for LPB’s Girls Virtual Road Trip to the Museum! A day of online/interactive fun and special preview of Prehistoric Road Trip!

Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) is providing even more entertaining and educational resources to families across Louisiana to help fill in the gaps created by distance learning. LPB’s Girls Virtual Road Trip to the Museum! is a fun-filled online/interactive event and screening in partnership with the LSU College of Science and Geaux Science Explorations (which is funded by the Halliburton EAB Foundation) planned for Saturday, June 13 from 10:30am – 12:00pm. Attendees will not only hear first hand how interesting the sciences are from scientists working with Louisiana State University, they’ll also receive kits that will encourage them to explore the natural world that surrounds them.

The online event is designed for girls in the fourth through sixth grades. Parents can sign them up at www.lpb.org/roadtrip. Space is limited to 70 participants. The deadline to register is May 31st. Attendees will need access to the internet along with a laptop, computer, or phone to participate.

The event begins with a sneak peek of PBS’s upcoming 3-part series Prehistoric Road Trip, premiering June 17 @ 9:00pm. Emily Graslie, the Chief Curiosity Correspondent at the Field Museum and host of the YouTube series The Brain Scoop takes you on an epic road trip through America’s fossil country. Graslie serves as the host, writer, and executive producer. The series will give viewers of all ages a better understanding of our planet’s past and a look at what new discoveries might mean for its future.

Next, attendees will get a chance to hear from women scientists representing several fields: Geology, Ornithology, Mammalogy, and Ichthyology. GIRL POWER in the sciences is well represented by scientists from Louisiana State University!

Each attendee will receive their own Girls Virtual Road Trip to the Museum! science kit that’s full of activities to complete at home. Each kit will come with:

  • Fossil study activity – learn to identify fossils.
  • Build a specimen – mold an animal specimen out of clay.
  • Catch a specimen – catch and release a backyard critter.
  • Strawberry DNA extraction – instructions for a fun activity using household materials.

Attendees are encouraged to take their kits out and start discovering! Post photos on social media and don’t forget to tag us @lpb.org and @lsuscience. Use hashtag #LPBRoadTrip .

Attendees will also receive a cool t-shirt for participating, some LSU swag, and a suggested summer reading and resources list from the East Baton Rouge Parish Library so the learning and activities don’t have to end.

Major funding for PREHISTORIC ROAD TRIP is provided by The Negaunee Foundation. Major funding also comes from The Grainger Foundation, The Robert Thomas Bobins Foundation, PBS, and WTTW donors and members.

For more information, contact Colleen Spillane, LPB Public Information Officer at cspillane@lpb.org or by phone at (225) 767-4453.

About Louisiana Public Broadcasting: Since 1975, Louisiana Public Broadcasting has been the public television network for the state of Louisiana with stations in Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Monroe and Shreveport. LPB’s mission is to improve the lives of all Louisianans with the highest quality programming that educates, enlightens and entertains and that showcases Louisiana’s unique history, people, places and events reaching audiences over-the-air, on the web, in the home and in the classroom. Learn more at www.lpb.org.

About Prehistoric Road Trip: In PREHISTORIC ROAD TRIP, host, writer, and executive producer Emily Graslie hits the road for a fun and fascinating journey around the Dakotas, Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming to explore 2.5 billion years of our planet’s history. Each of the three episodes examines different eras in time, focusing on the geology, ecology and environment. To discover what the landscape may have resembled millions or even billions of years ago, Graslie examines the fossils of former plants and animals. On this immersive adventure, Graslie will uncover and discover the history of North American dinosaurs and other fascinating prehistoric creatures, including ancient fishes, mammoths and early mammals. Filmed in stunning 4K resolution, using state-of-the-art drone technology and featuring dynamic illustration graphics, the series will bring this now-extinct world to life.

About Geaux Science Explorations: LSU College of Science is committed to providing the greater Baton Rouge community with high-quality outreach activities that seek to support the early engagement of science enthusiasts. With the help of some of our top scientists and mathematicians, and leveraging support from partners like Halliburton, we are equipped to provide intriguing, hands-on, and science-focused events that will both satisfy and ignite the curiosity of young scientists through our outreach activity series: Geaux Science Explorations!