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(Baton Rouge, LA) – Viewers can now watch the award-winning local content they love from Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) as well as all of their PBS favorites and they won’t even need a television set! LPB-HD is now streaming live online on lpb.org and pbs.org.

Viewers can visit lpb.org/livetv or go to lpb.org and click on LIVE TV. If you have not allowed “Location Services” you may be asked to do so. It is as simple as that and it is absolutely free; there is no subscription nor cost associated. Other ways to access the LPB HD live stream is through https://video.lpb.org/livestream or https://pbs.org/livestream.

“LPB is committed to providing quality educational, informative and entertaining programs to the citizens of Louisiana,” says Beth Courtney, CEO and President of LPB. “As the ways our citizens watch our programs changes, then so must LPB. From apps, online, to YouTube, Facebook and even our digital first series, LPB is expanding its digital frontiers.”

For more information: Colleen Spillane | LPB Public Information cspillane@lpb.org | 225-767-4453