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Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Louisiana’s statewide public television network, wants to learn more about the public’s viewing habits. At the start of a new decade in a rapidly changing media landscape, LPB is launching its 2020 Viewer Survey to gather public input and information about how viewers watch LPB content, what LPB programs are valued most, and how LPB can better serve the citizens of Louisiana. Today, media content is available on a wide array of devices and platforms, and LPB wants to make sure it creates and presents content that enhances the lives of all Louisianans and that viewers can watch public television programs when they want and where they are.

“Louisiana Public Broadcasting faces a time of great change and rapid evolution in both the media landscape and the way audiences engage with media,” says LPB Deputy Director, Christina Melton. “To ensure LPB remains on the forefront of these trends, pioneering new broadcast technology, producing award-winning original programming, and building a robust learning ecosystem supporting families, children, educators and community partners, LPB wants to hear directly from Louisianans, so we can better understand the public’s viewing needs and desires.” The answers viewers provide will help LPB shape both content and technology use in this new decade.

The short survey only takes a few minutes to fill out and respondents who complete the survey by Friday, March 20 will be entered to win a 55-inch Smart TV. The online version of the survey can be found at www.lpb.org/survey. Members of the Friends of LPB should look for a copy of the survey in the mail. To be mailed a copy of the survey email survey@lpb.org or call 1-800-272-8161 ext. 4266.

About LPB:

LPB’s mission is to improve the lives of all Louisianans with the highest quality programming that educates, enlightens and entertains and that showcases Louisiana’s unique history, people, places and events reaching audiences over-the-air, on the web, in the home and in the classroom. Learn more at www.lpb.org.